Personally, I think these people should do 10 years in prison at a minimum.  I don't understand how these people involved in the attack on our U.S. Capitol thought that what they did was just okay. Well, maybe I do but we won't get into that.

Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election
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On top of that, top be stupid enough to post pictures and brag about it on social media brings them to a whole different level of stupid. Well, that's exactly what sunk this guy from Lindstrom, Minnesota.

This morning, FBI agents from the field office in Minneapolis took 26 yar old Joshua Westberry into custody. He was arraigned on charges of Entering and remaining in a restricted building and grounds, Disorderly conduct in a restricted building and grounds, Disorderly conduct at the Capitol Building and grounds and Creating and demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol Building.

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Seems an old classmate of his saw his posts about his involvement at the Capitol attack on January 6th and reported him to the FBI. Westberry had posted pictures and more on several different social media platforms. among them TikTok, Snapchat and a selfie he posted from inside the Capitol on Reddit. The complaint also states that the FBI got their hands on additional videos of Westberry in the Capitol from his Snapchat account.

last week a 36 year old Rochester woman, Victoria White was arraigned in Federal Court on 6 federal charges related to he participation in the attack on the Capitol. early last week another arrest was made in in Moorhead, Minnesota in relation to the January 6th attack.

If found guilty, don't you think these people should be made and example of?  Just a slap on the wrist would send the wrong message, in my opinion.

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