Like every Tuesday morning on the Loon Morning Show, we talked to Kate from Tri County Humane Society about this week's adoptable pet.  Casey is a short little sausage of a dog who needs a place to call home.  Could it be yours?  Check out those big brown eyes!

Meet Casey! She was brought to TCHS due to owner not having enough time. Casey has been around dogs and children. She has done well with other dogs, but a SLOW and PROPER introduction is needed. Ask a TCHS staff member for tips!

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Casey has been around kids of all ages, but would probably do best in a home with older kids as she isn't a fan of her ears and tail being pulled. She has also been around cats but does not get along with them. She is used to free roaming in the house and isn't very fond of being kenneled.

Casey will wait by the door to let you know when she has to go out, but will need to be on a consistent potty schedule in order to set her up for success in her new home. Supervised time outside is recommended as she has escaped before. Casey enjoys sleeping in a dog bed and running around the back yard.

She would benefit from being fed a high quality kibble with a meat listed as the first ingredient. Should be fed on a schedule to help her lose a little weight. Could she be your new best friend?


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