It's been a much hotter than normal June for us here in Minnesota. In St Cloud area, the first 13 days had 8 days in the 90's.  That kind of heat this early in lake season has a couple of potential problems that come with it.


First of all, when we put in our dock & lift a month or so ago, the water was up to a pretty good level. Last weekend the water was so low, I'm not sure we can even get our pontoon off the lift.

Secondly, in a hot August, algae is a big problem and it's already showing up in June.  Not good.

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According to a KSTP News story, Minnesota's Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has been getting calls already about blue algae blooms in Minnesota lakes.  It's been so unusually hot, dry and sunny making for the perfect combination to allow this blue alae to thrive.

The normal algae that you will sometimes encounter in the water usually isn't harmful, just kind of gross. It's the blue algae that can be harmful to young kids and pets and it's virtually impossible to tell harmful algae from the other stuff.

Swallowing lake water with blue algae in it can be harmful to your health and your pets health. Especially dogs that like to play in the water.  Dogs love to drink out of the lake, so keeping them out of algae contaminated water is the best bet.

In the past, we've always played it safe and kept our dogs out of the water when any kind of algae was present. Better safe than sorry, right?


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