Since Target announced they are transgender friendly with their bathroom policy, the heat is getting put on by all groups, including the American Family Association, who's sending men into women's restrooms!

A group called The American Family Association announced they were sending men into women's restrooms at Target stores, to prove there is no barrier.

There's a petition against Target's new policy that now has over 1.1 million signatures.

Source: Washington Post

Target has 2 stores in St. Cloud, and we shop there on occasion. I'm not sure I'd care all that much if transgender were to enter the bathroom. Just go to a concert and you'll see that all the time! On the flip-side, there's a lot of uncomfortable feelings about transgenders with male parts going in the woman's restroom.

It does concern me just a little that a group that's called "American Family Association" pushing the buttons of this topic and sending males into their bathrooms. It's slightly against the values of what they're about, in my opinion.

Most of the women I've talked to have said they aren't all that concerned, as there are stalls with doors in their bathrooms, and they always supervise their daughters in the bathroom.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you sign this petition?