When it comes to beer, there are some that can be enjoyed by everyone and others that are an acquired taste. In my experience, IPAs are one of those beers that are an acquired taste. The hoppy taste of an Indian pale ale is quite often too much for many people to bear.

Personally, I happen to love the taste of IPAs, but I can understand why some people wouldn’t. Surly has done beer drinkers of all kinds a huge favor by creating an IPA that anyone can enjoy. I’m talking about their Liquid Stardust IPA. Surprisingly, it clocks in at 7% ABV, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it.

It’s rather smooth and easy to consume beverage. While other IPAs that happen to have a high ABV can often feel like an assault on the senses, Liquid Stardust amazingly maintains a light, palatable taste while still delivering the buzz you want. It is hands down one of the greatest IPAs I’ve ever had. You can pick up a couple of cans in Surly's most recent variety pack, available in stores now.

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