This is your brain on alcohol.  With all the breweries around the St. Cloud area... which are awesome, by the way, maybe you should know what happens when you drink.  Why you should only drink one drink per hour, and what the effects are if you drink more than that and why.

Obviously, we all know what happens, what it feels like, and how when you sit in one place for too long while you are drinking will be crazy when you actually stand up to go to the biff.  HELLO!  Suddenly drunk.

There is actual scientific reasoning for why and what happens.  This is told by a drunk (fittingly) neuroscientist.  Who better to let us know than a person who is practicing the actual hypothesis?

I always heard that you were basically dehydrated and that is why you feel hungover.  Lack of water.  Well, that is part of it, but there is so much more!!

Now you are so much more educated than you were before.  Amaze your friends this weekend.  Bottoms up!!

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