As they say, and "they" say a lot, in Minnesota we have Winter, and Road Construction.  That's just the way of Minnesota.  And right now, there are several projects all over the state on the roads and highways.  But also, one more project will be happening.

This Summer, Minneapolis International Airport will be closing one of their runways in order to improve the pavement and to make sure they upgrade runway safety. Yes, this is very important, and with all of the airline mishaps we have heard lately, please do what you need to do to make sure everyone is safe.

Here are the things that they will be working on throughout the summer:

All of these things are very important for everyone's safety.  These projects will continue through the summer of 2024 and 2025.

There should not be any delays, at least not ones that are caused by the construction, as they will be scheduling flights around that.  But keep that in mind, as there may not be as many flights available as there once was.

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