There has been so much talk about stores closing, filing restructuring bankruptcy (Chapter 11) and at one point, it sounded like Crossroads Mall itself was in danger of closing.  Now they have new owners, and have been working on adding stores.  So things were looking up, now another big store is closing.

This time, it isn't because of the mall's issues.  This time it is because the store is filing chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Some stores will be closing, and unfortunately, the location in Crossroads Mall is one of them.

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The store I am referring to is Express.  This store has been in the Crossroads Mall since the early 90s.  Possibly even 88 or 89.  The confusion comes in as this store started out as a branch off of the store Limited Express.  That store then changed to just The Limited when they opened a more trendy store called Express.

The Limited moved more towards a more business casual apparel line, and Express moved to a fun and trendy apparel line.  Quite a few years later, The Limited closed. More recently the store changed their name to Express. They also expanded. The young men's apparel store Structure was also open with a more trendy mens line of apparel.  Soon, that store did close as well, and Express became both young men's and women's business casual and trendy clothing and accessories.

The store has been open since then in their expended location in Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud.

Some thought the store was a bit overpriced, but their clearance was amazing.  There were some great finds in the clearance section.  And many times shoppers would wait until either a clearance sale or just a sale in general.  That may be part of the issue as people in Central Minnesota want a great deal on most everything they buy.

The Express locations in the Albertville Outlet Mall, and the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove will still remain open.  So, Central Minnesotans can still shop at Express, just might be a bit more of a drive than it was before. You can always shop on online as well.

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