Every week I'm searching central Minnesota's Craigslist for the most inappropriate "Missed Connection", and offering some advice on how to re-write the ad so they're not so terrible.

If you ever need a break from the daily craziness of life – check out Craigslist’s thread for Missed Connections for here in central Minnesota. You’re bound to find some hilarious ads from people who have no better way to express their emotions than posting anonymously on the internet. And of course, this week doesn’t disappoint.

Check out this week’s HIGHLY inappropriate Craigslist Missed Connection – and how I feel this person should have written the ad.


Now THIS is why Craigslist's Missed Connections thread is so entertaining. Some people can be so raunchy when it comes to talking about sex. Where is the chivalry? Where is the romance? Nope - just straight to the dirty.. I guess why not?

So let's re-write this, so this guy doesn't feel completely violated by a gawking bystander:

Hey, I was at the VA in St. Cloud today with my friend and I saw you in the waiting room on your phone. You are very handsome, and was wondering if you are at all interested in older men. It may be a stretch - but you never know! Your name is Justin (knowing from you being called up for your appointment) and if you remember me, I would love to get to know you better!

So there you have it. Not so creepy, not so sexual. Actually making this man feel like a person and not a piece of meat! Make sure you check back for next week's Inappropriate MN Missed Connection!

SOURCE: Craigslist

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