Every week I’m searching central Minnesota’s Craigslist for the most inappropriate “Missed Connection”, and offering some advice on how to re-write the ad so they’re not so terrible.

If you ever need a break from the daily craziness of life – check out Craigslist’s thread for Missed Connections for here in central Minnesota. You’re bound to find some hilarious ads from people who have no better way to express their emotions than posting anonymously on the internet. And of course, this week doesn’t disappoint.

Check out this week’s HIGHLY inappropriate Craigslist Missed Connection – and how I feel this person should have written the ad.

Didn't know Costco was the place to pick up hot dudes, but then again it's impossible to know everything. And that says about the same for this Craigslist Missed Connection. This lady (who does have a nice behind) is so desperate for this guy she met in line to see her booty. She actually took the time to snap a picture in lingerie, and post it to her thread. Amazing. Let's re-write this one shall we?

(Instead of butt picture, insert a nice smiling picture)

Hello there, we talked for a while in line at Costco, and you mentioned you liked my tattoo. You also asked me if I was on HookupWave (No idea what that is, btw.) and I froze! Not used to attractive men talking to me while I'm getting groceries for the week. But I wish I could have gotten your name and number! If you see this, please tell me about my tattoo so I know it's you!

There you have it. No booty picture, and throwing in a nice compliment for two.

SOURCE: Craigslist

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