Ricky Gervais has been the host of the Golden Globes for the last 5 years  Last night was his last time doing that gig.  And he held nothing back as he did his opening monologue.  It was hilarious.  The most honest, and irreverent speech I have seen any of the hosts perform.  He is obviously not concerned with offending ANYONE, and he knew it was the last time he would be doing this.  He even made mention of that fact a few times during the speech.  If you missed it... you missed out.  You can check out some highlights here.


I love the fact that he made mention of how long these award shows are.  They go on for what seems like forever.  They always want to thank 5000 people.  I get that a lot of people help to make whatever TV show or movie wins, or what actor wins.  But wow.  Thank the top 3 and move on.  And mostly thank the people who went to the movie or watch the show.  That is really who you need to thank.

Ricky Gervais didn't please everyone in that audience.  But the most obvious one was Tom Hanks.  The camera kept going to him with his expression of almost disgust.  Well, big deal.  Most of what Gervais was saying was the truth... and no one else has the guts to say anything.  But when you know this is your last time...as he said several times..."who cares"?

There is a transcript of the jokes from last night... minus a few because they couldn't be printed.   They were bleeped on the show last night, but you can basically use your imagination.  You can figure out what he said.

I didn't watch the rest of the Golden Globes, basically because I don't really care and I think it's boring.  But his opening speech was hardly that.

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