It's Friday again, which means we get graced by Johnny U and another lame attempt at a joke.  Or so the guy says.  So, Johnny  came in and said he only had one joke... and this was it.

Well, as you can see, and hear, he did have one more.  He told me yesterday that he didn't have another ... as golf season is over.  So he was just gonna run with this one.  Obviously he thought better of that idea, and had just another quick one to try and get a laugh.  He got crickets.  Johnny.  We are sure he can do better than this.

So, next week, same time (usually right after Dave Overlund's sports) at 7:35 or so, same place, he will be back with another joke or jokes to try and make people...namely us...laugh.  Good luck.

So, get your laughing pans on again... until next week...


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