Maybe the World has always been this sick and social media is getting the word out more now. At any rate, these pervs need to be locked away.


Three men were arrested in Pennsylvania for allegedly performing lewd sex acts on a number of farm animals. And this wasn't just one or two isolated incidents, this is 1460 counts against the men. This is beyond sick.


The sick f***s in question all live on the same farm. Also on the farm was a young boy. The boy is the one that alerted authorities. The boy allegedly had been force to hold down some of the animals during the attacks. The animals assaulted consisted of horses, cows, a goat and several dogs.

Amazingly enough, these kinds of crimes are only misdemeanors in Pennsylvania. Washington, DC, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wyoming all deem bestiality legal. Most of those states also allow the sale and distribution of animal pornography.

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