If you remember, last year KFC was selling some yule logs, for the fireplace, that filled your home with the smell of KFC fried chicken as they burned in the family fireplace. Weird, right?  Well, they sold out in hours.

This year, KFC is back at it and with a better plan. They produced many more fried chicken yule logs this year and if you want one, they are available at Walmart (where else?) for a mere $19. Also at walmart.com


I think other companies should jump on this aroma band wagon.  We could have yule logs for our fireplaces that smell like all kinds of things. How about a log that smells like bacon?  Maybe , the ocean?  Cinnabon?  Taco Bell?

Maybe some pot shop could produce one that smell like pot. "Oh, no officers, that's just my Righteous Reefer Log you're smelling" . Anyway, the possibilities are endless.

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