Summer is the time when a lot of people think of hot days and cold beers.  And also, let's drink those cold beers outside.  The funny thing is, that when there are beer festivals, generally they occur in the colder months.  There is Octoberfest which generally happens at the end of September (that one always confuses me). But other than that, usually we have these various beer festivals during the Winter, or close to winter.

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This year, there is going to be a Summer Craft Beer festival.  It's planned for August 17th at the St Paul Saints CHS field.

Taste some of the best beers from Minnesota and around the world at the Summer Minnesota Craft Beer Festival on Saturday, August 17th at CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints Baseball Club. With more than 400 craft beverages from 100 breweries and distilleries, serving up taproom only and limited release beers, hard seltzers, and spirits while you enjoy unlimited pours, live music, local artisans and vendors, games, and much more.

Since there are so many other things to enjoy along with trying lots of different craft beers, you might want to look at booking a hotel for the evening.

Tickets are on sale for this festival now through the CHS field events page.  The prices do vary.  $65 for early admission.  You get an extra hour and may be able to avoid some longer lines.  General admission is $49 and if you are the designated driver, it's just $25.  This ticket allows for entry to the festival for a non-drinking friend. Entrants can enter the festival, enjoy good company and music, but will not be provided with any additional items. DD must be 21+.

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