Do we really need tips on how to get out of bed in the morning?  I mean this sounds a little ridiculous.  But here is the deal- if you get up early, like we do, then you may need some tricks to wake up and get going and not be crazy rushing out the door at the last minute feeling completely frazzled.

I try not to push the snoozer at all.  Sometimes it feels unavoidable, but like that extra 7 minutes is really going to help out.  You'll just feel as tired, if not worse when that thing goes off again, only now you're 7 minutes later.  So tip 1- avoid the snooze button.

You should also move your alarm as possible.  This is to avoid the reach over and either hit the snooze or worse- shut the thing off and fall back to sleep.  The problem comes in when you don't sleep alone, and you don't want to wake the other person.  Because that's not annoying or anything.  I remember having roommates who would let their alarms go on and on.  Worse thing ever!  So, far enough away as to not be annoying,.

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Go to bed at a decent hour!  If you have to get up super early... don't go to bed super late.  Most people need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.  I'm lucky if I get 5 or 6. No wonder I'm always so tired.


Or- you could always set your alarm to wake up about 15 minutes earlier than you need to.  Use this time to wake up.. do some easy things around the house, stretch,etc.  Then, when the 15 minutes are up- you are back in your normal morning routine and ready to go.  Honestly- if I did this method- I would know it was 15 minutes earlier and use that for more sleep time.  Oops!!

Here's to next Monday!