Honestly I'm always looking for ways to make getting through winter easier, hopefully these tips will help you as well. A lot of things you can actually do yourself at minimal cost.

I can't stand shoveling snow so this trick makes it much easier so I put cooking spray on my snow shovel and the snow slides right off.

Here's some others that you might find handy:

  • Ladies cut your knee - high stockings to make leggings for the toddler
  • Make hand warmers by putting chloride ice-melt pellets in ziplock bags
  • Put socks on your windshield wipers keeps them snow free
  • Socks can also be used to keep your toilet seat warm
  • You can get a big tray and line it with small stones, works great to keep floor clean from mud, wetness etc...
  • You may know this one hit the reverse switch on your ceiling fan it will move the hot air around that's just lingering at the top
  • If your shoes are wet (boots too) you can stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture
  • Floor mats under your tires help when your stuck (you can also try kitty liter)
  • A great way to check tire threads, use a penny, if Lincoln's head is visible time for new tires for the winter driving experience
  • Use a hot water bottle or hair dryer to get those cold sheets warmed up

For additional tips check out the attached.

Winter Tips To help you get through [VIDEO]: