It's that time of year again. We have many festivals, fairs and flea markets, etc. I for one, find great comedy in what some of these vendors come up with. There are the multiple different thing on a stick. Pork chops, fajitas on a stick, corn on the cob puppies on a stick, BLT on a stick. You name it and eventually you'll be able to get it on a stick at your local county fair or festival. The vendors have become very creative in setting themselves apart from the normal. hot dog, chili dog, etc. Recently I was at a flea market up by Detroit Lakes and ran across a food vendor selling "HOT MONKEY BALLS". I din't try them, mainly because it was about 95 degrees and Hot Monkey Balls just didn't sound good at the time. What's the weirdest food you've run across in the summertime at festivals,fairs or a flea market?

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