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  • Pretty soon you're going to see the members of Meat Loaf starring in a new syfy television series on Netflix. It's called Ghost Wars, and is created by the same dude who gaves us Continuum and Van Helsing. It's gonna be 13 episodes and is just now filming in Vancouver.
  • The Eagles are going back to court again, as a hotel in Mexico is saying the famous song “Hotel California” is written about their establishment. Obviously The Eagles disagrees with this statement, and are saying the hotel Todos Santos is profiting off their trademark. Todos Santos was originally named Hotel California back in 1950 – but since has changed their name multiple times. However, the hotel is selling shirts, playing Eagles songs over their PA system, and calling themselves “legendary”.
  • Led Zeppelin fans all over the world (including me!) are freaking TF out right now – as Robert Plant re-sparks rumors about a possible Zeppelin reunion. After changing stuff around on his website, and saying things like “Any time now…”, people are speculating to see the band at Desert Trip this year. We’ll keep you posted on any new news surrounding this!
  • Coming up in a few weeks, people who use SiriusXM will be able to enjoy a full channel dedicated to The Beatles! Starting May 18th, the ‘Beatles Channel’ will follow in the footsteps of other classic rock bands gettig their own channel, including The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

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