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  • On top of Alice Cooper coming to Minnesota for two dates this summer, we're also going to be getting a new album in July! It's titled Paranormal, and features classic rock gurus like ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, and U2's Larry Mullen Jr. If you're looking to check him out live, get all your ticket info here!
  • You know me, and how big of a Pink Floyd fan I am. So I’m sure you can understand how excited I am about the second single off Roger Water‘s new LP Is This The Life We Really Want?. This single is called “Deja Vu”, and totally has a The Wall feel. Take a listen here! Is This The Life We Really Want comes out June 2nd!
  • John Mellencamp has officially decided that rock and roll has seen it’s end. He joined in on the conversation with Sound and Vision saying his two boys who are in their twenties has probably never listen to a whole album straight through. And that rock and roll has had it’s 50 year run and will never return. With that being said, his new album Sad Clowns and Hillbillies came out last month.
  • Do you wanna go see Guns N’ Roses LIVE with The Who? Easy! Just buy a ticket to Argentina! This is all coming from Blabbermouth (so take it with a grain of salt) that this could be the first of a few co-headlined shows in South America including Brazil, Peru and Chile. This has yet to be confirmed by either bands.

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