County fairs are starting to hit their stride across Minnesota, the temps are getting ready to skyrocket next week, so we know the timing is JUST RIGHT for one of my favorite summertime sweet treats, sweet corn! One area sweet corn grower announced that today, Friday, July 21, its area stands should be open for people to stop and buy an ear or dozen!

Janson's Sweet Corn took to social media yesterday to announce they are opening up their stands in Buckman, Royalton, and Onamia.

Great News! Sweet corn stands are opening Friday! Buckman - across from the church, Royalton - at the Dairy Queen, and Onamia - at the Vets Club. Stands will open sometime between 10 and 11am. Hope to see you there!

The stands will be open for business by 11am in many of the locations, and you should feel free to stop by and pick up a few ears for the weekend.

One of my favorite things about living in Minnesota is the sweet corn. My wife and I lived in a town where they would have sweet corn feeds during the summer, and the county fair even had a FREE sweet corn feed where you'd pack in elbow to elbow to enjoy freshly picked and of course locally grown sweet corn.

If you are new to the area, and you've never experienced Minnesota sweet corn, check it out, but remember the floss or a toothpick to clean up after you have an ear or two.

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