Growing up in Minnesota, I used to tell myself how great it was that I was raised somewhere that I didn't have an accent.  Seriously, that is what I honestly thought.  But then I moved to New York City after graduating from BSU and people made fun of me for calling my carbonated drink a "pop" instead of a soda. Then they'd give me a hard time for how I said the word "bag" or "flag".

That's when I realized, I did indeed, have an accent.  That's also when I realized that there are quite a few sayings that you'll only understand if you're from Minnesota.  And now Only In Your State just released the Top 9 silly sayings that will only make sense if you're from Minnesota.

Photo by Vepar5/GettyImages
Photo by Vepar5/GettyImages
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I wanted to know if Minnesotans would agree with these and if there were more that didn't land on that list.  So, I asked you to chime in on facebook and here's what YOU came up with.


Stacy: Uufda

Carrie: BERmidji

Cindy: For Cute.

Ellen: We're going to the Cities this weekend.

Mindy: Ope, let me sneak by!

Tara: What Kind of hotdish are you bringing to the potluck?

Lori: Yeah sure, you betcha.

What do you think?  Did you agree with all of these?  Feel free to message me in the App with any other additions.

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