Remember when Marty used to be Pearl Lake?  And quite frankly, some people still call it that... or I have heard "where's Marty"?  AND I was just reminded this morning about how St. Augusta tried to change their name to Ventura.  Wasn't that short lived... or what exactly happened with that?  Or was that just a short lived Jesse Ventura thingy?

Anyway, those don't even begin to top this deal in Texas.  A town is called Dripping Springs which I think is sort of cool.  But nope- they want to change their name to Pound Town.  Seriously?  There are so many jokes about this that come to mind.  It sounds so dirty, but isn't.  It's actually a name from the town's founders, Dr. Joseph and Sarah Pound.  I would probably re-think that one.  No one, other than the people who live there are going to get the connection.


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