I never really did understand this pardon thing that presidents do at the end of their term. I'm sure there are those that actually deserve a break in their original sentence. I guess what disturbs me just a bit is when pardons are granted to friends and relatives.

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No pardons were granted to relatives of the president this week but there were 2 pardons of Minnesotans out of the 143 pardons issued.

John Harold Wall, from Prior Lake, Minnesota has actually been out of federal prison since 1996. he was originally charged with aiding and abetting the possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. he was originally sentenced to 60 months in federal prison plus 4 years of supervised release.


This kind of pardon, I can kind of understand. People can straighten their lives out. Meth is such an addictive drug and I think we've all known of someone that got caught up in the whole thing. So, I guess how it works is that Wall's conviction is just wiped clean.

The same thing goes for Cassandra Ann Kasowski, who had her sentence commuted by the president. She too got caught up in the methamphetamine trade and really got a pretty big sentence for her involvement in the meth ring.

Kasowski, from Moorhead was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison. Recently, due to the corona virus and an act of congress, she was able to continue serving her sentence from home. Her sentence was commuted. She plans to spend time with her son and seek employment.

Her husband, Al Owen Kasowski, was also sentenced to 18 years but received no commutation of his sentence.

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