If you are up very early in the morning, and you happen to watch NBC, you are probably familiar with the news anchors on KARE 11 Sunrise.

This past Summer co-host Gia Vang left to head back to San Francisco. She is originally from California.  This left a co-anchor spot open.  Recently Alicia Lewis, who has been a part of Sunrise since 2014, announced on her Instagram page that she has been named as the co-anchor of Sunrise.



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Just this week, Kris Laudien, announced his departure from KARE 11 Sunrise.  He will remain in the morning anchor position until the end of December.

Recently, through a press release to Bring Me the News, KARE announced the addition of Jason Hackett, who will be joining the Sunrise team February of 2023.  He most recently worked in Oklahoma as a morning co-anchor.

The president and general manager of KARE 11 had this to say via Bring Me the News:

Consumers tell us they are looking for an informational, smart and contemporary newscast in the morning. Jason, teamed with Alicia and Guy, will provide that and more to folks in the Metro area and in Western Wisconsin. We believe Jason and the team can help us reset our focus on how consumers use KARE 11."

As of now, Kris Laudien has not announced his future plans after he leaves KARE at the end of this year. He is originally from Canada.

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