19 year old Angus T. Jones plays Jake on the hit television sitcom 'Two and a Half Men' and yesterday he posted a video on YouTube urging viewers to stop watching the show, or risk going to hell. Seems a little extensive, but on the flip side, I give this kid props for standing up for what he believes in.

I would be willing to bet this is a career-ending move for Jones who currently rakes in 350 thousand dollars per episode, so let's hope he has been smart with his earnings and put the majority of it into savings.

The promo video Jones filmed for his fundamentalist Christian church goes on and on about what filth the sitcom is, suggesting it's the work of Satan, and even going so far as to say he wishes he wasn't on the show.

Check out the video below, it's a little lengthy coming in just under 15 minutes but I think it's worth it. Do you think he is taking this too far or do you think he's brave for standing up for his beliefs?