He's baaaack.....Charlie Sheen will return to a television near you tonight in his new sitcom titled 'Anger Management' on FX.

Set your DVR or make sure you are on the couch by 9 PM tonight for the back-to-back episode premiere.

In the new show Sheen plays 'Charlie Goodson', who is pretty much 'Charlie Harper' with a better wardrobe. Check out the official show trailer below. It takes a stab at his former show 'Two and a Half Men' by showing him walking away from a train wreck unscathed, which I think is pretty genius. If you were never a fan of 'Two and a Half Men', not only did you miss out on a great show, but you may not know that Charlie was killed off by being hit by a train after he was fired from the show.

I honestly think this show could be good, I just hope people tune in to watch - so don't forget!


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