As per usual, Up and Slightly Adam dropped by the studio this morning to give us the scoop on this week's big releases at Parkwood 17.

I must say I was a little disappointed Up and Slightly Adam forgot it was National Taco Day and he failed to bring in any tacos. Okay, I'm over it now....sorry i blew up.

First up we have a movie called "Venom". another superhero movie, actually, a anti-superhero movie. Venom tangles with Spiderman and all hell breaks loose with special effects. If you're into the superhero stuff, then this one's for you. Check out the trailor below.


Next up is one that promises to be a blockbuster. Geez, how many times are they going to remake this one?  The latest version of "A Star is Born" debuts this weekend. This one stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Critics say this one is the best of the four efforts so far.  Check out the trailer below



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