When you bring in your receipt from a local restaurant you visited the same day, Bad Habit Brewing and Pantown Brewing will both give you a dollar off your crowler purchase!

Two local breweries are doing their part to support local restaurants. Pantown Brewing Company in St. Cloud and Bad Habit Brewing Company in St. Joseph have teamed up for a campaign they're calling "Receipt Yo Self." Starting Wednesday, December 16, when you get take-out from a local area restaurant and bring in your receipt to either Pantown Brewing or Bad Habit Brewing the same day, each brewery will take $1 off each crowler you purchase. The $1 off deal is good for up to four crowlers per purchase.

"Together, we are going to get through this!" both breweries say in their Facebook posts. "It's time to help out our neighbors!"

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In their Facebook post, Bad Habit Brewing also included a list of local restaurants to support:

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This comes the same day Governor Walz is expected to extend the current COVID shutdown in Minnesota by another 30 days, another heavy blow to Minnesota bars and restaurants. On Wednesday, a coalition of over 150 Minnesota small businesses began reopening anyway as part of an concerted effort against Governor Walz's shutdowns. A list of those businesses includes a number of restaurants in Benton, Stearns and Sherburn Counties.

Supporting local? Don't forget to visit The Value Connection! Many local restaurants have deals and certificates available for dining out and takeaway!


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