The most successful and best known of all Irish rock bands (most all British and American rocks as well), a and that started out as a teenage garage band, U2.The started in 1976 first calling themselves The Larry Mullen Band, Feedback and The Hype all this before releasing their first single as U2 in 1979.

All but two (Adam Clayton and Dave Evans"The Edge") of the originals members were born and raised in Ireland.

U2 has had worldwide album sales of over 150-million, 22 Grammy awards and a regular on the the lists of top grossing touring bands.

Even though forming in the mid 70's and released one single before that decade ended, U2 really never fit the definition of classic rock. I tell you what, to spotlight Irish rock bands and not include them, not going to happen.

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U2 performing 'Live', "Where the Streets Have No Name" at Slane Castle in Ireland (A great Show this was).




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