Hahaha OH SH!!!!!!T. Watch out for The Dominator 3!

Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer is back in Minnesota for the second time this month, and he's not just here to visit: the possibility of more tornadoes is very real today. How about dis weather, eh?

Hot and humid weather could set us up for severe weather if something called the atmospheric cap breaks. If it breaks, BOOM. If it doesn't break, then Minnesotans will be disappointed by a lot of hype, and no payoff.

That's just the Midwesterner way.

Reed Timmer Returns To Minnesota

"Into The Storm" New York Premiere - Arrivals
If you see this man...RUN! (Getty Images)

Reed Timmer was just in Minnesota chasing the Crosby tornadoes. He could be in the same area today, depending on that atmospheric cap thing.

Reed Timmer was a co-star of Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers, which ran from 2007 to 2012. Timmer's been chasing tornadoes since 1998. He starred in the 2006 documentary Tornado Glory, and authored the book Into the Storm: Violent Tornadoes, Killer Hurricanes, and Death-Defying Adventures in Extreme Weather.

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