Every Thursday morning we get an in studio visit from Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood Cinemas for and update on this weekends new releases into the theaters. The are three big movies this weekend.  "Overboard" is a remake of the one with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. The story of a rich woman and poor boat captain and the hilarity that ensues. This movie stars Anna Faris and Eva Longoria.  Next up is a scary one titled "Bad Samaritan". .A guy that robs houses happens upon a person chained up in a home he is burgling but he can't report it because he's robbing the house and would be caught. The owner of the house then tries to track him down to silence him. And finally,"Tully" starring Charlize Theron in what critics say is her secound best performance ever. Theron who plays Marlo, a mother of three children, including a newborn. She is gifted a nanny by her brother and forms an attachment and friendship with the nanny named Tully.

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