Like usual, Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood Theaters stopped by the Loon Morning Show this morning. Three big movie releases this weekend. Up first, it's "Book Club" with a great cast including Jane Fonda. She looks pretty good considering parts of her are over 70. In this movie these women from very different backgrounds are reading "Fifty Shades of Grey in their book club and the hilarity that ensues. Up next we have a kid's movie "Dog Show".  There is a lost panda out there and they go undercover at a dog show to find it. Starring Will Arnet, Shaq and many more. Great movie for the kids. And finally, we have "Dead Pool". Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin stars in this one. Josh Brolin plays a time traveler sent back to kill a kid who would become and evil criminal. Ryan Reynold's character tries to help the kid change his ways and destiny. Might be a great weekend to catch a movie an Parkwood.

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