Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood 17 Theaters in studio this morning with the heads up on this weeks movie releases.


Up first we have a scary one. "The Nun".  From the looks of the trailer (below), a really scary one. Nuns are scary anyway, right? This one is rumored to be the scariest movie you'll see all year. So, you might have to sleep with the light on for a week but this promises to be a big movie.

Next up is "Peppermint" Starring Jennifer Garner. playing a vigilante after four thugs that killed her family in a drive by shooting. She tracks these goons down and makes them pay.  Sounds like a pretty good movie. Check out the trailer below.

Lastly, we have "God Bless the Broken Road".  A woman who lost her husband two years earlier in Afghanistan. Loses her faith and meets a race car driver and tries not to fall in love. Sort of a romantic/religious movie. See the trailer below.

Up and Slightly Adam talks new releases below



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