Every Thursday morning around 9:15 we have Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood Theaters in for a review of this weekends movie releases. Might be a good weekend to plow your way to Parkwood and take in a movie or two. The two big movies this weekend would be "Rampage" starring The Rock. From what I understand, a mutant gene ends up morphing a crocodile, gorilla and a wolf into giant angry monsters. Of course The Rock is called on to save New York City. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the flying wolf with more teeth than your average wolf would need. The other big movie this weekend would be "Truth or Dare". A group of teens on Spring break in Mexico play a game of Truth or Dare. Well, for some reason the game isn't done when they are and it follows them back to the U.S.and continues to issue the teens dares that they must complete or die. Check these out at the Parkwood Theaters this weekend.

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