Once again, Up and Slightly Adam graced us with his presence, in studio this morning.

movie theater date

Adam tells us about all the great movies starting this week at Parkwood Theaters. You know, that's the place with those great Dream Lounger chairs.

Up first is a movie called "Crazy Rich Asian". The age old tale of a guy that proposes to his girlfriend and then reveals that he comes from a extremely wealthy family. As the tale goes, of course, his family doesn't like her and she tries to win them over.

Next, we have a movie called "Alpha". This movie takes place in the last ice age.  No, not last February, about twenty thousand years ago.  On a hunting trip, the main character gets separated from his group, on a hunt. He struggles to survive with the help of a wolf he befriends.

Finally, "Mile 22" starring Rhonda Rousey, Marky Mark Walberg and John Malkovich. A CIA thriller where agents attempt to move a foreign informant while opposing forces attempt to stop them.

Check out Up and Slightly Adam in the video below for more info.

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