These trends.  Or can we even call it a trend?  A trend has to be trending to be a trend, right?  I mean, people would have to buy into this idea.  If anyone does (I'm sure there will be a few) they are idiots.  Or slaves to stupid fashion ideas.  Not only are these things super stupid, but they look hideous and they are crazy expensive.  You could make them yourself.  These cost $385- almost $500!!  And they are all named after Stranger Things - so you know who they are marketing towards....

background of a stack rolled jeans Shallow depth of field / Thinkstock

I seriously think... just like some Hollywood movie and TV show ideas, that fashion designers have run out of ideas.  It's almost as bad... but not quite as bad... as the jeans that were basically non-existent except for the top part.  The ones that were completely ripped except for the seams.  Remember those? They were around for a hot minute.  And these will be too.

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

I know- I'll design a shirt that is completely upside down, inside out and backwards.  Market it towards 14 year olds, slap some crazy french looking name on it and make a fortune.  Who's with me?