The world gets a little crazier every day. Just when you think things are about to get normal, it's time to think again.


There's this company called Vaev that is marketing used germ infested tissues. Yeah, you read that right. Tissues that have been used by sick people. They claim that using the tissues with strengthen your immune system and perhaps keep you from getting sick. or, your can use them to intentionally give yourself the flu so you can have it at a more convenient time.



Gee, I can sell you some used tissues. I have an entire wastebasket full at home. They are not germ infested because I drill my own immune system with bad things every day. Every day is boot camp for my immune system.

Anyway, a box of germ infested tissues will only set you back $80. Just so you know, doctors are not on board with this lunacy.

Below is the commercial they are using to market these tissues.

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