I'll be honest... I'm new to Venmo.  I've used it a few times and it does seem pretty convenient, but guess what... there's a scam. Why can't stuff just work the way it's supposed to?

PHOTO: David Black

Here is the deal.  If you are familiar with Venmo, you know how it works.  If not, basically it's like financial social media app that let's you pay for items that you get from your friends on Venmo.  It's almost like a sort of social media PayPal, and it's actually owned by PayPal.  You can chat between friends, pay them, receive payments and it really works slick.  It is, of course, tied to your bank acct so right there... SCAMS!

Ugh- this is the latest one.  And it has actually been verified.  You could get either a text msg or an email directing you to go to another website to verify your account.  So, if you don't go to the acct, you are probably in the clear. Venmo doesn't send out messages like that.  If there is a problem with your acct, when you try to send or receive a payment, the app will direct you to verify your account.  This has happened to me, and it was legit.  The text messages and/or emails are NOT.

This is why we can't have nice things.