This has been a controversial topic for awhile.  Speeding and drivers running red lights.  Should St. Cloud implement cameras at intersections to track speeding and red light running?

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I personally was a victim of an accident when someone ran a light and didn't yield to the oncoming traffic.  In this case she didn't have a red light.  She had a yellow light that had gone away when the oncoming traffic light (where I was) turned green.  I proceeded into the intersection, she was running the left turn light and didn't see me and hit my car taking out the front end.  Then she took off - total hit and run.  Her insurance company is denying liability because there were no witnesses.  And it's her word against mine.  A camera would really help this situation.

I have also lived in a city where they do have cameras to catch drivers who are speeding.  You can see the camera plain as day and you can even catch the flash when it goes off.  There are two flashes.  One of th driver and one of their license plate.  You basically will get a ticket in the mail.  You can go and contest it if you'd like and ask to see the picture that was taken.  Generally you can see the driver plainly

There are people who oppose this action,  Basically saying it's lazy police work.  Others are saying it would really help to crack down on this speeding and running of red light epidemic that we have right now.

This is from Channel 9 News in Minneapolis.

Is this something that you think would help this problem or not in St Cloud?

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