I think we all agree that it's great to see the Vikings firing on all cylinders. Yesterday was no exception. The Vikes looked great once the defense got warmed up. Hoping Thielen bounces back from his injury soon.

Just a few weeks ago, some Vikings fans were ready to tar and feather Cousins. I think he's redeemed himself.  Quick turn around for the Vikings, playing Washington on Thursday Night Football.


I also watched game 6 of the baseball playoffs this weekend. I don't usually spend much time watching baseball but the chance to maybe see the Yankees lose a big one was pretty tempting.

I don't hate the Yankees. I'm just didn't really want them to make it to the World Series. Like they say, the Yankees are the best team money can buy.

I'm pulling for the Washington Nationals in the World Series.

So, all in all, it was a good weekend for sports.

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