Currently, there is a huge measles outbreak in Washington state. I'm sure their state government will get around to handling that, as soon as they put the hammer down on dwarf-tossing.


State Senator, Mike Padden (R-Spokane Valley) is sponsoring a bill to ban dwarf tossing in bars and strip clubs. The bill would also ban other activities that would endanger the health and physical well being of dwarfs.

Padden claims he became interested when someone told him of the dwarf tossing contest at a local strip club. Let's just translate that to, he became interested when it happened at a local strip club he was probably hanging out at.


Advocates for"little people" say dwarfs are very susceptible to neck and spine injuries. "There is nothing funny about dwarf-tossing" according to Padden.

Padden's bill will apply to contest and promotions involving adults shorter that 4 feet, 10 inches. This may put the brakes on grandma-tossing also.

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