Here I go again! When I see there is a new "A Bad Lip Reading" video on YouTube, I get super excited!

If you have never seen any BLR videos, click here. I encourage you to check out all the many videos the YouTube channel has posted over the years. If you don't know who or what BLR actually is,click here,

As I've talked about before, I think this is really good stuff. I appreciate the creativity, production and time that goes into making these videos. And I think the concept is brilliant.

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To give you a little perspective, my kids have been fans of many BLR videos for years and when the "SEAGULLS (Stop It Now)" video came out, they were officially hooked. They both memorized the lyrics and, even now, will suddenly sing a line from it during a certain situation and we all crack up. Of course, not many people are in on that joke.

"SEAGULLS! "Stop It Now

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