Personally, I love scary movies.  The scarier, the better.  But as soon as anything in real life happens, I turn into a coward in seconds flat.  I'll be the one you see screaming and fleeing as fast as possible.

If I had been in Bemidji Monday night I would have been a mess and if you were there you may have been wondering if you were on the set of a scary movie.  Were aliens attacking?  Was there some kind of weather emergency?

Residents in Bemidji and beyond were startled by a sudden "bright white/ blue flash over the sky", followed by a very loud, ground-shaking BOOM!


We were provided this video from a residence in Nymore that clearly shows a very bright white/blue flash over the sky. Moments later a single thunderous boom is heard. This boom rattled windows, shook houses and was heard across much of southern Beltrami County.
Based on all the details and now video, it is looking likely this was a meteor. This video was captured at approximately 6:40PM 11/13/2023.
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Beltrami County authorities received many calls from residents that reported seeing a white/ blue flash in the sky followed by a very loud boom. As evidenced in their Facebook post they believe it to be a meteor that hit in the area.  But there is nothing confirmed at this point.
You do have to wonder though, did it land somewhere? Or did it just explode and disintegrate?  Well according to National Geographic it could be either:

When a meteoroid passes through Earth’s atmosphere, it heats up due to air resistance. The heat causes gases around the meteoroid to glow brightly. This glowing meteoroid is called a meteor, sometimes nicknamed a “shooting star.” Most meteoroids that enter Earth’s atmosphere disintegrate before they reach the ground. The pieces that do strike Earth's surface are called meteorites.
According to Bring Me The News the Northern Taurid Meteor Shower has been going since October 20th and was set to peak Sunday and Monday night.

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