Today, since it's Friday, Johnny U came in with some jokes that he had prepared.  Well, all went away when he found out that it was and is, National Fart Day.  Because who doesn't love a good fart joke, right?  Don't answer that.

Farting is fun
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We would up scraping the bottom of the barrel for these things.  This humor, if you can call it that, it just so stupid.  That's why I call it 4th grade humor.  Because at that age you will basically laugh at almost anything. Even some really bad and in bad taste jokes.

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Without further anticipation of what a fart joke can do, Heeeerrrr's Johnny!

Told ya!  Well, the first one was just an older lady puffer and the second one was well, it was what it was.

Johnny U will be back again next week with another round of terrible jokes.  Will they be in bad taste?  That remains to be seen.  This week the jokes were bad and they were in bad taste.  National Fart Day.  Who was the brainiac who came up with that idea?

Fart Joke Central.  That's us, apparently.

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