Man, the 80's were such a simple time. Most televisions had just a few channels, radio was king and we seemed to have an easier time finding the simple pleasures in life.

One of the most popular TV shows in Minnesota during the late 80's was KSTP's "Good Company" with Sharon and Steve. One of my buddies shared a link to this video to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Minnesota getting its first Olive Garden restaurant in Bloomington on 494 and France Avenue.


"Ever since this restaurant opened a month ago, they have had 45 minute waits for lunch and dinner," Steve gushes. "I mean, people are just going in DROVES to this place."

Some of the items the show highlighted were the unlimited salad and breadsticks (still a very popular item) complimentary with an entree purchase and a gazpacho soup for just $2.50. They also had a lunch portion of spaghetti and meatballs for just $4.25 or $6.50 for a dinner portion.

They even interviewed a couple of diners to gauge how much they enjoyed their meals. Come for the Olive Garden review, stay for the amazing Minnesota accents of the reviewers.

"It has good flavor, it isn't bland... good food," says the first reviewer. The second one was also impressed with the service.

Steve and Sharon spent the first part of the review RAVING about the restaurant but both ended up giving Olive Garden's food just 2.5 stars each.

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