This morning Johnny U comes into the studio a bit early.  He said he was a half an hour early so he could rehearse his lame jokes.  Sort of "amp" up for his "performance" that comes in at about 7:35 every Friday morning.  Right after Dave-O and his sportscast.

Johnny U- cow cup

Now, you'd figure that if someone is taking the time to rehearse, that they would be pretty good by the time it rolls around... time for him to deliver his jokes.  And I use that term a bit loosely.

This week, again armed with his 2 jokes.  It used to be just one every week but now we've advanced. It's always two.  The first one deals with a sort of "trophy wife" and the second one deals with how fans should act when at a little league baseball game.  In other words, some fan and/or player isn't acting appropriately.

We always  record the session, and today was no different.

I used to say, he's trying. But now I'm not even sure that is the case.  I mean, he comes in early today to rehearse and we still end of with this.  Although, he did have his cow mug with him.  So, there's that... cows are cool, right?

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Lame Joke Friday happens each and every Friday morning (unless he's not here, then it won't happen).  So, tune in next week.  Maybe you'll have some tips on how to make his performances a little bit better. Or, maybe you like it just as is.  You do you.

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