Like I always told my daughters, when they were learning to drive, you can be the very best driver in the world but it's the other guy you have to look out for. This crash is the perfect example of that. Not that there was much the driver of this box truck could have done when this allegedly impaired driver of the sedan hit him.

According to WCCO, the accident happened on Highway 10 at the overpass of MN 65 in Spring Lake Park on Monday at around 2:30 PM.

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The sedan, with an allegedly impaired driver at the wheel, is seen on the MnDOT video entering Highway10 from the onramp and obviously driving erratically and colliding with the box truck.

The box truck, in an effort to regain control, hit the side wall on the MN 65 overpass and burst into flames. From the video, it appears that the box truck came very close to going over the side wall and down onto traffic on MN 65. That would have been an even uglier scene.

It's difficult to believe, after watching the MnDOT video, that no one was killed. The box truck burst into flames just about immediately after it hit the side wall.

The Minnesota State Patrol in investigating the accident and whether or not the driver of the sedan was impaired at the time of the accident.

Each vehicle had only the driver inside and both drivers sustained what the State Patrol described as non-life threatening injuries.

We hope both drivers are recover from what could have been a horrible accident. If the box truck would have gone over the side wall onto traffic below, I think things would have turned out much worse.

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