Flugtag is the German word for flight day and it's a ridiculous but kinda cool event that happens all over the world. Basically people build flying machines (and I use the word "flying" loosely) and launch them off a 30 foot tower (most just fall straight down).

This event has been going on since 1992. Teams are judged based on flight distance, creativity of the craft, and showmanship. Teams have built everything from flying tacos to prehistoric pterodactyls. A lot of people attend the event with a record 220,000 people showing up in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012.

The last time it was at Harriet Island Park in St Paul was in 2010 and it's returning to the same location this year on Sept 7th. Red Bull is taking entries now through June 26th. Hundreds of teams apply but only 50 are selected. So if you have a creative imagination and like to build things, this is the event for you. Oh, and it looks like one big party.

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