The second trailer for GotG landed on their Facebook page today.




We get to hear Groot speak, so we know what he will sound like in exactly every scene he speaks. (He has one line: "I AM GROOT.")

We almost get to see Zoe Saldana's nekkid frontside. (Or should this be a CON?)

Rocket looks great. The CGI is done so interestingly, that it's hard to tell if  it's puppetry mixed with CG or just straight up CG.


Ronan looks mean as hell. As he should.

Knowhere appears briefly. This opens the door to The Watcher appearing in future Marvel shows.

The marketing team used another great early 70's song to push us through; Spirit In The Sky.

For now I'll leave out the cons. that's a subject for an ongoing rant later.

In the meantime; enjoy.